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What is Mchain?

Mchain is an innovative platform “Smart Tourist Destination Blockchain”, whose main goal is to implement Blockchain environment, the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications, within Smart Cities, to increase the technological development of city’s tourism and its potential as an smart destination.

In addition, it creates applications focused on citizenship, which can produce tokens to exchange for products or services in shops. The tokens may be their own or derived from the trade itself.

Mchain has been created by the associates of Marbella´s Blockchain Cultural Association (currently counting on more than a hundred) whose developments have achieved, and continue to do so, that this project is in continuous growth.

With what other project could it be compared?

Mchain aims to encourage interaction with the commercial, business and tourism fabric of the Smart Tourist Destination, being the first platform in Spain focused on this concept. If we had to compare it with other projects, I would say that it is closer to guys like Ethereum.

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What makes it different and what makes it similar?

Mchain is an open platform of smart governance, aimed at boosting the development of Blockchain technology, the world of contracts and decentralized applications, within Smart Cities, increasing their importance as smart tourist destinations. For us it is like a 3 in 1. It has not arisen for speculation but for the technological growth of the city.

Its maintenance has a frankly low cost, mainly due to the use of its capabilities as distributed technology. This means that we do not need to demand external resources from our associates.

Our project has arisen, basically, for the creation of applications that, initially, have thought about their development in the local environment. Encourage the use of tokens and blockchain, locally, to bring Marbella to high levels in the development of Smart Cities. This will allow adapting new forms for decision making in local government (data, analysis and knowledge) and new formulas that allow the cooperation of the Municipal Government with the different agents that make up the Smart Environment for the development of the city.

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And that was born in Marbella, one of the most visited places in the world for its luxury and its tourist attraction. Its spectacular growth has turned it into a 5 star destination for luxury visitors. In addition, Marbella offers the highest concentration of golf courses in continental Europe and a commercial attraction that gives it a place of exception among the most distinguished capitals in the world, occupying Puerto Banús a prominent place as synonymous with glamor and excellence.

In short, Mchain, as a Blockchain network aimed at the Smart Tourist Destination concept, aims to integrate itself into the technological development of the city’s tourism network, increasing its potential as an smart destination and giving the town and its citizens a value that allows them to know and adopt this new technology.


What is MAR?

Mchain has its cryptocurrency, Mcoin or, as we prefer to name it, MAR. This cryptocurrency is used to pay for the computational resources necessary to run decentralized applications and smart contracts in our Blockchain.

With the introduction of Mcoin, as a gas for tourism applications, the commercial variables within the framework of Smart City are expanded.
In addition, both MAR and the token derived from it, are stored in wallets, designed to be compatible both in desktop mode on Windows, Mac or Linux, and SmartPhone level for Android or iOS.

What makes it different from a traditional token?

As we mentioned earlier, it is not a speculative cryptocurrency. The development of Mchain and, consequently, of MAR, has been carried out with the objective of being part of the growth of Smart Cities. We are not going to obviate, logically, that this will give a value to MAR that will make it have a change to fiduciary currency, but, unlike most projects that are known in Blockchain, there is no speculative character in it.

It’s more. We must remember that his intention is to create what we have called SONS OF MAR. Specific tokens, dedicated to the commercial framework of the municipality for the development and learning of the same, within the Blockchain technology.

Which is Mchain short term goal?

One of Mchain’s short term goals was to come to light. And we have achieved it. It may seem obvious this fact, but the way to go is not easy. Having complied with our road map plans, especially in this year 2019, has not been an easy task.

Once we have started the path, applications are our short-term goal. To develop them for use in the commercial network of Marbella and for everyone to see the possibilities of them.

In fact, next April 5, in the Smart Living Blockchain Destination, you can learn more details.

And at long term?

That our project continues to grow. That we can create a federation of associations, national and, why not, international, to make the benefits of this new technology reach the whole world. That people get used to knowing what the future will be like in the Smart Cities.

We hope that, within many years, we will talk about Mchain as an initial part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What can it be done inside Mchain?

Mchain presents an interesting diversity of possibilities, covered by the Blockchain technology, which already indicates that there is an improvement that comes from the Internet of things, with respect to what we can obtain with the Internet of Value, as we know it.

The applications that can be generated from Mchain are extensive and allow much more interaction with users. They offer much more attractive actions, which produces interest in people. It is not the same the typical website that you only use to give publicity, without making any changes in it over time, to the possibilities that users become actors of Mchain applications.

Another interesting detail is the possibility of making Smart Contracts for any type of transaction. Imagine someone who lives in Marbella and buys a Smart TV from an inhabitant of Burgos. Until now, everything was intermediaries (Wallapop, Mil, Segunda Mano). With the Smart Contract, very specific guidelines are established that must be
executed from the first to the last. That is, the security of compliance with the contract is guaranteed one hundred percent. If what is established in it is not fulfilled, neither party loses absolutely nothing.

It is open to anyone?

Any person interested can contribute their ideas. It is an open and smart platform for development.

What do Blockchain bring to governance and management from business and institutions?

A substantial improvement in the treatment and management of data, both internally and to the user. Security, transparency, traceability, scalability, data storage levels. All these characteristics have increased their value with the arrival of Blockchain technology.

  • Security in data processing. Your data is irremovable and inalterable.
  • Transparency. If you can not modify or cancel, the data will be exactly the same from the first day to the last. Everything is done very clearly.
  • Traceability The power to know, by the user, the origin and route of any product or service.
  • Confidence increases with this characteristic.
  • Scalability, at the time of adapting to the technological evolution of the market, without losing a bit of quality towards the user.
  • Levels of data storage. More data to be able to store and eternity for them in time. They can not be made to disappear.

Most users neither understand nor have to understand all these characteristics. But they do understand the final result of a management, which is what affects them. And with a correct application of Blockchain, they will understand.

What can any person do to support this type of new technologies?

Simply, make use of the tools that you put at your disposal. Use the applications that arise from it and turn them, little by little, into something everyday. Know how to manage in terms that, right now, seem unusual. But it is not necessary to complicate life. It is not necessary to understand, technically, all the processes. Only, use it.

The use of applications whose data are protected in blockchain, exchange products or services with tokens adopted by different businesses. Learn its operation and, above all, its purpose. That is what any person can do for this type of projects.

And what can it bring?

Knowing the beginning of the digital development of the 21st century. How the world is adapting to a new era in which all these types of tools will become essential and even, I would say, obligatory, for the day to day of people.

A comfortable, effective and practical way to obtain products and services. The human being seeks more and more that: quality, practicality and comfort. And Blockchain technology, with the passage of time and its adaptation to the real world, is achieving it.

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