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How to promote your cloud mining or ponzi with Bitcoin!

Know how to promote your web. Do you have a cloud mining operation or ponzi scheme that you need to promote?

How to promote and not die trying

  • Are you falling on deaf ears with all these haters calling what you are promoting a “scam” or calling you other names like scammer?
  • Is the program you are promoting as an affilate not getting the referals that you wanted because people do not trust the offer?
  • Would you like to leverage new interest in bitcoin but are not sure how?
  • Do you need thought leaders and trustworthy people in the bitcoin world to talk about you?
  • Do you need the name of what you are promoting mentioned as much as possible?

If you answered, yes to any of these questions then we have the solution.

First send 5btc – now only 1btc to: 1JKCfp34v3qfmWGQo7p9WrAVY6nhkwgmyq


  • Send Bitcoin to yourself, any large ammount betweet 5 btc and 500 btc. The more the better.
  • From another social media account not associated with what you are promoting send a public message similar to this.
  • “We just send you too much Bitcoin by mistake, please do the right thing and send it back! Thanks!”
    Do not send the funds back right away. 
  • Let people retweet and even get a little angry. Make sure that a few crypto mags pick up the story and that it is on reddit and twitter. Get people to do live streams about it, youtube videos ect.
  • Suddenly when everyone is calling you a scammer and thief you SEND THE BITCOIN BACK

Now you are the hero and have gotten a lot of free exposure for the program that you are promoting.

Repeat for better effects

Breaking news – Make Bitcoin and Ethereum with mining contracts – Mega profit!

Have you heard about all the Bitcoin miners that mined early and made mega profit?

Do you think that mining Bitcoin is for you but you do not know where to start? Maybe you even looked at some mining gear but are unsure what to buy. Do you think bitcoin is dead and ethereum is the next thing? Would you like to mine as much ethereum as you can before proof of stake starts? Here is the solution to.

How to promote – Mega profits with cryto

Step one: Buy cloud mining contract

You might ask yourself what is cloud mining? It is simply mining that is outsourced. You do not have to deal with buying all the mining gear and paying for the power. You just pay for the mining contracts and the maintenance fees.

Get payments everyday into your cloud mining account! EVERY DAY!

Step two: Watch the coins grow in your wallet

Everyday you will get some coins. You can try to calculate how much you should earn by caculating the difficulty and if you know what pool the cloud miners are mining on then you can see how many blocks they have solved. All you do is hold on untill the maintenace fees are higher than the payouts.

Step three: Lose money

Yes, that is right, LOSE MONEY. You are better off buying whatever coin you want to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other shitcoins. You have a better chance playing satoshis secret with free roll and profiting than making profit from cloud mining. Not that the cloud miners do not do what they say, they do, just do the math yourself.

Step four: Get all your friends to lose money too so that you make affiliate money to cover your losses

Now that you are butthurt realising you will never profit with cloud mining you should start promoting the affiliate program. This way you have a chance of making about the same ammount of profit as you would have simply buying Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at spot price.

Try out Satoshi´s Secret here for yourself

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