get more Bitcoins

How to get more Bitcoins

Eveyone wants get more Bitcoins. The halving is upon us are you ready? Are there some quick ways that you can get more Bitcoin? Oh yes there is!

Method one: Create Bitcoin news website

Yes it sounds boring and you might be thinking “I cant write how can I make a Bitcoin news site” do not worry. You need zero writing skills and zero design skills.

Simply get a word press site and pick a nice theme. Then spin and regeritate some of the top reddit posts from r/bitcoin and BAAAM you have some “bitcoin news”.

Combine that with the magic RSS fees MAGICC! Simply create the site so it autoposts everytimg, Coindesk, Cointelegraph or any other news sites make a post, and BAAAM you post the same thing! AMAZING!

Then make sure to steal their artwork too! IMPORTANT! Also set up IFFFT so that you tweet out “YOUR” new article with the stolen art, (of course you give credit if you click the link and look so hard your eyes bleed but on twitter it looks like it is YOUR ARTWORK and not the artwork from cointelegraph ect).

Now go on fiverr buy some links and twitter followers. Next SELL SHILL POSTS, make sure to have a contact section on the website so people can contact you when they want to shill their new ICO coin. Run their add and EARN DEM COINS! Also make sure to talk shit at publications that produce real content, this will make you feel good and give your website some attention that it needs. Do not forget to brag when anyone else shows you their site since you know, you stole all the artwork anyway.

Method two: Hacking

You no hacky hacky? No problem.

Step 1: Make account on russian hacker forum.

Step 2: pay russian hackers to hack , Setp 3 profit.

Give satoshis to get more Bitcoins

Make sure you “make it rain” and give people one cent in Bitcoin at random times, also make sure to talk about mass adoption while at the same time hacking people. You also need to distract as much as possible from anything negative.

Donate to get more Bitcoins

Make sure to donate to causes and shame people when they dont. Also pay “Bitcoin news sites” or other “mainstream” media to run articles about you, this way you look like a big baller and can talk shit and shame people since you have a mental condition and need to feel good about yourself. WINNING!

Method three: Private trading group

Advertise a private trading group. You can claim to have inside info, be a master trader or have tools from aliens that allow you to get an edge. Hire fiverr gigs to tell people what they are missing. Charge for membership. Feed group vauge info, WINNNING!

These are the top three ways to get more crytocurrencies winning.


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