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16 Year old steal Bitcoin Private key while playing Pokemon Go

Steal Bitcoin. Pokemon GO the popular brand new mobile game that has has turned millions worldwide into Pokemon hunting zombies. It all sounds like good and fun but there have been some cases of tragedy. Jimmy Achards, A 16 year old Florida teen that regularly posts on r/bitcoin, was arrested Sunday morning after stealing a Pokemon that contained his 13 year-old friend´s (Verio Tyhmous) Bitcoin private key. According to authorities, the 13 year old thought his younger brother had deleted his Pokemon while he was involved in a flame war on forum, when in reality, his Pokemon with his Bitcoin private key was stolen.

steal Bitcoin private key

Since the release of Pokemon GO earlier this week, it has been a hit, and everyone is playing. Verio Tyhmous (13 year old with 5000 r/bitcoin karma) figured out a way to put a private key inside a Pokemon. He then hid the Pokemon and thought it would be a good way to hide a private key. Officer Jerry Seeman commented “It’s sad to see a game capture it’s players so much that they are willing to steal bitcoin from others. Especially in this case, as they were friends”. According to his family, Verio was a very smart and posted on reddit and bitcoin talk every day. They have rarely seen him angry or agitated.

Beware of the steal Bitcoin

Later the same day 26 Year-Old Damar Dickson talked to Verio about an idea. The idea to get the private keys back included hunting for new pokemon on the highway to get a Pikachu.

They would then place the Pikachu near Jimmy and then grab him. Verio and Damar admitted to police that they were playing the newly released Pokemon app game know as “Pokemon Go” while driving. He said “Sh*t if you wanna catch them all you gotta risk it all so I put my car in park and started tossing these balls”.

They were so distracted playing they forgot about the mission to get the private keys back. As we were interviewing them we heard the sounds “FOMOFOMO CHINAA CHINNA” coming out of a mobile phone. We asked what it is and Verio replied “Oh that is teamspeak, I talk to other teenagers on there all day about bitcoin, we are expert Bitcoin traders and know a lot about fintech”.

Is Pokemon Go a new form of Fintech?

Charges against Jimmy Achards are still unknown, nobody was seriously hurt but this raises concerns about future accidents.

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